Love in the Time of Migra

“Love in the Time of Migra” is an interdisciplinary project (audio, animation, and installation) that is inspired by true instances of love in, around, and across international borders. I spent 2 years interviewing different bi-national couples, many of whom are also artists, and these interview sessions have informed a series of works including collaborations with the interviews subjects. Many of these works are still in development. 

“The Invisible Line” is an initial companion piece to this series and consists of an 8′ x 8′ sculptural installation that serves as a projection surface for an accompanying video work. The video animates a perpetual emanation from a central invisible line, which references both territorial borderlines as well as the blurring of lives as a result of romantic tethering. What I discovered when doing my interviews with couples over the past few years is that through a romantic partnership, two individual stories becomes one; where one life starts and the other starts becomes difficult to pinpoint. To accompany these interviews, I wanted to make a meditative work that allows their stories of love, triumph, struggle, joy, and heartache to resonate with the viewer.

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